Hand turning a block over from spelling "Stress" to spelling "Wellness." From a blog for Advanced Skin + Body, Lincoln Aesthetics & SpaThings are stressful. That’s a fact. And part of our time is spent trying to find ways to battle that stress. Exercise, meditation, journaling, yoga, quality sleep, laughter, self-affirmations, therapy, music, and other creative endeavors are all great ways to stave off stress and anxiety. Yet, there’s another technique you might not have considered including, and that’s Reiki! 

Perhaps you’ve never experienced Reiki. Hey, perhaps you’ve never even heard of it. Well, we love it and we’re excited to share some of the amazing benefits it provides with the world! Here, we’ll discuss how stress can negatively impact your body, what Reiki is, and how it can help to relieve your stress and anxiety.

What Does Stress Do To Our Bodies?


List of the common effects of stress on your body, mind, and behavior from the Mayo Clinic. For a blog by Advanced Skin + Body, Lincoln Aesthetics & Spa



Stress is the silent enemy, though it didn’t start out that way. The stress reaction is our body’s way of protecting us from injury in dangerous, “fight-or-flight” situations. This response can indeed save your life and is healthy in some situations, but just like anything else, moderation is key. These days, chronic and long-term stress is prevalent, and our bodies just aren’t equipped to handle it. 




Stress affects everyone differently. You may not even realize the toll that it is taking on your body until it has begun to wreak havoc. If left unchecked, stress can end up causing “serious health problems,” according to WebMD. For example: 

Infographic list of the consequences of long-term stress, information from WebMD. For a blog from Advanced Skin + Body, Lincoln Aesthetics & Spa

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is energy-based healing. The word Reiki means “universal” or “spiritual” “life energy.” Though it has been practiced for thousands of years, the most current form of the Japanese practice, Usui Reiki Ryoho, was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. 

Reiki focuses on an individual’s life force energy. Our energy can become depleted or blocked within our bodies because of old injuries and emotional traumas. The blocked energy can cause stress, exhaustion, and even illness. 

A Reiki practitioner will utilize hands-on healing to recover and enhance the flow of energy throughout the body. They channel the universal life force energy into our bodies, and we use that energy to fill our reserves and break down our blockages.

In a typical Reiki session, which can last anywhere from 15–90 minutes, you’ll relax, comfortably, but fully clothed, upon a treatment table. The lights and music will be soft and low, to further enhance the soothing environment. Your practitioner will place their hands just above, or very lightly upon, your body, focusing on your Seven Chakras and any areas of tension. Meanwhile, you can drift off, fully relishing the calming surroundings.

How Does Reiki Relieve Stress?

A relaxed state reduces stress, allowing the body and mind to focus on healing themselves. Reiki induces a relaxed state. Muscles loosen, the heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers, and anxiety lessens; thus, stress is reduced and our emotions even out. But don’t take it from us, according to Edward-Elmhurst Health, “Reiki works to help you achieve a deep state of mental and physiological rest.”

Quote: We spend so much of our daily lives in "fight-or-flight." Reiki stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and transports us to "rest and relax" mode, allowing time for our mind and body to reset and heal. From Jennifer Brinn, Reiki Master. For a blog by Advanced Skin + Body, Lincoln Aesthetics & Spa

Many hospitals have been doing their own research into the efficacy of Reiki. This has resulted in Reiki being used as a supplemental practice for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, suffering from chronic pain, recovering from surgery, etc. The Cleveland Clinic found that: 

Treatments provided by trained reiki Master Therapists and patient-administered self-treatments have been found to be beneficial in supporting cancer patients’ healing journeys by:

  • Promoting relaxation
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue
  • Promoting an increased sense of positive well-being

Though it’s still not known exactly how Reiki creates this calming effect, there is no doubt that it does. And the deep state of relaxation eases the ravages of stress.

In Practice

Reiki is not a cure for stress, but it is a successful tool to help relieve and reduce its effects! Allow the healing energy and serene atmosphere to envelope you in comfort and safety. Let the tension dissolve and disappear. Take time and fill your body with restorative, energizing light. And walk away ready to take on another day with renewed power and strength.

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How do I get started?

With us! Advanced Skin + Body Aesthetics wants to help you live your best life and we will do whatever we can to help our clients feel terrific, inside and out! When it comes to Reiki in Lincoln, NE, we have a top-notch Reiki Master Practitioner for you. Make an appointment to improve your life force energy and reduce your stress in a soothing environment, with complete confidence in your guide. Or sign up for our Relaxation Membership! You’ll get one signature facial and two Reiki sessions with our Reiki master per month to help relieve stress and bring you peace. Contact us or book online.

For more stress reduction, consider getting a facial, and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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