Figure drawings of women posing.Feeling like the world is pulling you down lately? Well, in a way it is…Gravity and loss of collagen combine to wreak havoc on your skin as you age. However, we’ve got the solution to revive and revitalize you! 

Advanced Skin + Body Aesthetics is always trying to bring confidence and calm to our clients. It isn’t very much fun to look at old pictures and wonder where that fresh, taut skin went. Or to constantly feel like you have to creatively hide that frustrating cellulite. Or to lose weight only to be left with extra, sagging skin. 

Guess what? You’re beautiful just the way you are! But if you want to look as good as you feel, radio frequency (RF) skin smoothing and tightening can help you do it! Let’s answer all the questions we imagine you have about this noninvasive, groundbreaking therapy and what it can do for you.

What is radio frequency therapy?

“As you age, the quantity and quality of collagen fibers in your skin declines,” Healthline informs us. With less collagen being produced, your skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Radio frequency therapy uses an implement, like the NuEra® Tight by Lumenis, to emit waves of low energy radiation. These waves gently heat the dermis layer of your skin. The collagen contracts and new collagen is produced, temporarily tightening and firming the skin.

What areas does RF treat?

Radio frequency therapy is ideal for loose/sagging skin and cellulite. Woman with list of body parts treated by Lincoln spa.

Areas of treatment include:

  • abdomen
  • flanks
  • buttocks
  • inner and outer thighs
  • upper arms
  • elbows
  • knees
  • bra and back fat
  • eyes
  • mouth
  • cheeks
  • neck

What is treatment like?

An RF treatment is noninvasive. A face treatment lasts 20 minutes, whereas a body treatment takes 30–40 minutes. It feels like a hot stone massage. The heat will slowly increase, allowing the body to acclimate before the temperature is increased.

What are the side effects?

There really aren’t any! Skin can be temporarily red, swollen, or tingling for up to a day afterward. Or, if the treatment is incorrectly performed, it could cause a burn.

How’s the recovery?

Another awesome thing about an RF treatment is there isn’t any recovery! The treatment is noninvasive with no downtime. You might have reddened skin for a few hours to a day after the procedure, but you can get right back to your routine!

What are the results?

There will be an initial treatment schedule to get you to your desired look of lifted and tauter skin. Improvements can surface for up to six months after the initial schedule is complete. Though the effects are long-lasting, a maintenance schedule will help sustain the improvements. And consider RF therapy as an excellent supplement for fat-reducing treatments as it tightens and smooths your skin.

Get smooth, stay smooth plan from Advanced Lincoln Spa.

What’s so awesome about NuEra® Tight?

Diagram of NuEra implement used on skin.

All bodies and areas needing improvement are different. We shouldn’t apply the exact same treatment to different body types, should we? No! That’s why NuEra® Tight is so amazing. It provides personalized treatments by offering multiple RF frequencies. With the ability to affect the dermis at varying depths and find the ideal one, NuEra® Tight creates longer-lasting and more natural results.


Are you ready to tighten up?

Radio frequency therapy is a wonderful cellulite and skin tightening treatment that is comfortable, safe, and quick, with no downtime. If you are looking to defy some of the effects of aging, why not start here? No need to fret over invasive surgeries when an RF skin smoothing system has the ability to target, lift, revitalize, and perfect your body. Love yourself and feel your best, inside and out!

How can Advanced Skin + Body Aesthetics help?

Advanced Skin + Body Aesthetics can schedule you for a free skin smoothing consultation today. As your trusted Lincoln, NE medi spa, we’d love to help you start on your way to living your best life! Contact us now and sign up for our NuEra Membership! Offering 1 large area or 2 small each month at a greatly discounted rate!

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