For thousands of years women have searched for ways to maintain supple, healthy skin. We all want to look our best, of course, and we’ve experimented with every variety of herb, cream, and oil to do so. For those with the means, there was no substance they wouldn’t try to add volume and soften those lines. 

No Cost Too High

Luminescent pearls were ground into powder to be used in the health and beauty regimen of the Chinese Empress, Wu Zetian. Precious gold was applied to the skin in sleeping masks used by the queens of Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti. The royal and the wealthy have had access to these rarer treatments for thousands of years…but now you don’t have to be a queen to feel like one. There is a new, luxurious skincare phenomenon, and guess what? It sparkles!

Shine Bright

Everyone is raving about the DiamondGlow™ Facial! Did you ever imagine a diamond-tipped wand would be stroked along your skin to reveal a youthful, dewy glow? Well, you don’t need to shake yourselves, ladies—you’re awake. This decadent process is effective and available to all.

The Process

The DiamondGlow™ Facial uses a 3X1™ technology to exfoliate, extract, and infuse your skin, all at once. This highly customizable process offers six different diamond tips and five different serums to suit your skin’s needs. 

Your treatment starts with a cleansing of the skin. Then a diamond tip is selected to optimize the treatment for your skin type. The skin-resurfacing device exfoliates to uncover renewed skin. Meanwhile, the device gives your skin a deeper cleanse by removing debris from your pores. Additionally, the DiamondGlow™ tool infuses serums to deliver targeted nourishment when your pores are open and most receptive. And it is all done in less than 30 minutes!

Customize for Personalized Treatment

DiamondGlow™ uses nourishing SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums. With your esthetician, you’ll pick out the serum that addresses your desires and needs. 

Choose from-

  • TNS® Advanced+: to target deep wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, while enhancing tone and texture
  • Skin Brightening: which uses patented Lumixyl® peptide to brighten and improve the appearance of uneven pigmentation
  • Ultra Hydrating: infuses hyaluronic acid to rehydrate and smooth your skin
  • Vitamin C: gives a deep dose of antioxidants which rejuvenate and protect
  • Pore Clarifying: is ideal for acne-prone skin as it addresses imperfections and promotes clearer skin

Why You’ll Be Hooked

After one treatment, which is non-invasive so you can get back to your day immediately, you’ll notice dewy, bright, smooth, and healthy skin. As one of our delighted clients raved, “The DiamondGlow™ Facial treatment gives new meaning to the words ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’. Weeks later, my face feels soft, clear, and just amazing!”

We recommend returning every 2 to 4 weeks for continued results. Over time you’ll notice the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, roughness and dryness, and hyper-pigmentation. Say adieu to previously dull and congested skin! 

Treat Yourself

Give your face, lips, and body the royal treatment with the DiamondGlow™ facial. Make it a step in your skincare routine! Schedule now for a quick and lavish appointment with one of our talented, Lincoln skin care estheticians. And gentlemen, don’t think this luxury is only for the ladies, you deserve a bit of pampering as well!

Are you ready for more?

Advanced Skin + Body Aesthetics also offers other sumptuous facials in Lincoln, NE.  

Try our: 

  • Signature Facial: Our esthetician will design a personalized facial and massage that addresses your needs while you relax and recover.
  • Rejuvenating Facial: Our rejuvenating facial helps purify and clarify the skin by exfoliating and deeply cleansing clogged pores, followed by a gentle extraction removal.
  • GeneO+ Super Facial: We use OxyGeneo™ Technology to exfoliate, infuse, and oxygenate your skin for superior anti-aging results.


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