EyebrowsIf the eyes are the windows to your soul, then the eyebrows are the window frames. Not only are they the most expressive element of your face, but they set the tone. If they’re overly groomed and arched, you can appear harsh and angry. They can age you or soften you, highlight your strengths or distract from them. What we’re trying to say is, you’d best take care of those window frames! They’re more important than you may have previously thought.

The trends for 2022 are still leaning toward fuller brows, but instead of overfilling them, go natural. For many of us this requires growing back some of the brows we tweezed away. It was a learning experience, and what we’ve learned is that less is definitely more!

What follows is our humble advice on how to get the full, natural brows of your dreams.

Whatever you do, AVOID TWEEZING!

Tweezing should be used sparingly, if at all. Gone are the days when we tweezed to within a hair of nonexistence. It is time to let those babies grow! Only tweeze away clearly errant hairs that have strayed far from the brow. 

Fun fact: 

Minimizing tweezing allows all your brow hair to grow at the same rate, which cuts down on stubble and missed hairs when you finally go for your wax.

Brush, brush, brush

Brush your brows daily to stimulate growth and to teach your brows how to grow. Though brushing is a necessary step for ALL brows, it can really help tame unruly ones. 


Brush up! Keep those brows bright and lively. Don’t try to smooth the beginning sprouts in line with the rest of the brow. Let them stand out, they denote youth, health, and vibrancy!

Don’t forget to moisturize

The skin underneath your eyebrows needs taking care of just like the rest of the skin on your face. Signs of aging include sagging, lines, and dryness, these can all affect your brow growth and health as well. Use a moisturizer with some SPF to avoid sun damage.


Exfoliate your eyebrow skin once a week to stimulate blood flow and remove the tired and dead skin cells. Exfoliation and moisture will do wonders for the shine of your brows!

Condition and grow!

Your eyebrows are hair, by the way. If you’re conditioning the hair on your head, why wouldn’t you condition the hair on your face? Those precious window frames will appreciate it, and depending on the conditioner you choose, they could grow in fuller after each treatment. There are plenty of eyebrow conditioners out there, but don’t shy away from making your own. Apply coconut oil or castor oil (for growth) to your eyebrows a few times a week with a wand or your fingers. Add some Vitamin E to the mix for a little something extra!

Did you know:

You shouldn’t use the same conditioner on your brows that you use for your hair because it is too harsh for your delicate eye skin! Love the skin, guys!

Leave it to the professionals

Listen, there’s going to be a lot of advice online about how to shape your brows yourself…DON’T LISTEN TO IT! Your brows are so important to the overall structure and beauty of your face, why would entrust their shape to anyone other than a professional? Whew! We knew you wouldn’t. 


Just one more time for the people in the back, leave the shaping of your eyebrows to the professionals! And you can maintain them from there.

Tint first, ask questions later

Tinting your eyebrows gives automatic fullness to your brows. You have more brow hair than you may think, it’s just fair. Eyebrow tinting fills in gaps that you’ve been struggling to pencil in. However, you ALWAYS want to tint before you shape or wax. You’ve got to know what you’re working with! You’ll be surprised how much less work will actually have to be done.

Added info:

Eyebrow tinting lasts four to six weeks. During that time, you’ll be able to roll out of bed with “naturally” full brows! Then, the tint will subtly fade away.

Wax it all away!

Eyebrow waxing is a quick, relatively painless way to get and maintain excellently shaped brows. With waxing, the hair is pulled out at the root, so it grows back finer with more time in between treatments. 

How to prep:

Wait 4-6 weeks between appointments, allowing your brow hair to grow out to at least ⅛ to ¼ of an inch (Yes! Grow those babies!). Refrain from any major exfoliation before your appointment, and take off the makeup. 

Get browsing!

Now that you’ve got a few tips to consider, get browsing! And when you’re ready for your tint and wax, give Advanced Skin + Body Aesthetics a call for an appointment with one of our talented aestheticians. When it comes to Lincoln eyebrow tinting and waxing, we’re your local experts! While you’re here, check out our other Lincoln hair removal treatments! Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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